• Sam Selikoff
    Sam Selikoff

    Opening Keynote

    About Sam Selikoff:

    Sam is the co-founder of EmberMap.com and creator of Ember CLI Mirage. He's a former front-end developer from TED who loves teaching, speaking, and helping teams effectively use Ember. Sam believes in the power of modern web-based UIs to transform organizations.

  • Jen Weber
    Jen Weber

    Closing Keynote

    About Jen Weber:

    Jen Weber is a member of the EmberJS Learning Team. She works at BioBright, building applications that help scientists make new discoveries through data exploration and visualization.

  • Trek Glowacki
    Trek Glowacki

    Opening Remarks & Welcome

    About Trek Glowacki:

    Trek helped start Workantile, couponed at Groupon, and is now doing some startup thing. He is an emberjs core team emeritus.

  • Tom Dale
    Tom Dale

    Ember: The Next 10 Years

    About Tom Dale:

    Tom is a member of the Ember Core Team. He's a former Apple engineer who first gained expert front-end JavaScript skills working on MobileMe and iCloud. He's a super hipster, and still isn't sure if it's serious or ironic.

  • Jordan Hawker
    Jordan Hawker

    It's Easy to Measure Performance in Ember

    About Jordan Hawker:

    Jordan Hawker is a Senior JavaScript Engineer. He is the author of Ember-Interactivity and several other addons, as well as a contributor to dozens of other Ember OSS projects. In his spare time, Jordan streams board and video games on twitch.tv/boardgames and twitch.tv/axlehellfire. Find his occasional professional ramblings at JordanHawker.com

  • Katie Gengler
    Katie Gengler

    Getting the most out of open source (Ember) code

    About Katie Gengler:

    Katie is an experienced web developer and has been using Ember since 2012. In 2015, she started Code All Day Consulting with Michelle Santarsiero. Katie created and maintains EmberObserver.com. She is also a member of the Ember core team.

  • Toran Billups
    Toran Billups

    Fast Feedback, Forward Progress

    About Toran Billups:

    Toran Billups is a software professional with a passion for all things javascript. When he isn't evangelizing fast feedback in one form or another you can find him teaching middle school students about web technology.

  • Lily Beauvilliers
    Lily Beauvilliers

    A People's History of Ember

    About Lily Beauvilliers:

    Lily Beauvilliers has been a software engineer with Intercom for one year, after completing a one-year course in Applied Software Technology in Dublin. That means she’s only been coding for two years! Before that, she was a liberal arts kid who taught English and math to middle schoolers. As a latecomer to tech, Lily has done a lot of her learning on-the-job, and with her teaching background, she’s thought deeply about how to learn and how to teach programming.

  • Dave Wasmer
    Dave Wasmer

    The Future is Now: Ember in 2018

    About Dave Wasmer:

    Dave is the head of engineering at Praxis, a career launch company helping people be their own credential and launch their careers. As an apprenticeship-driven team, Praxis has bet big on Ember.js as the right framework to accomplish product goals, as well as the best tool to align with the team culture and individual development goals. When he's not trying to kill college, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking, and the never ending project of home renovation.

  • Tobias Bieniek
    Tobias Bieniek

    Internationalization: It's easy in Ember

    About Tobias Bieniek:

    Tobias Bieniek is a member of the Ember CLI team and active member of the Ember community working on a number of popular addons. He recently joined the team at simplabs where he now does full-time Ember.js consulting and development.

  • Frédéric Soumaré
    Frédéric Soumaré

    Designing a UI component kit

    About Frédéric Soumaré:

    Frédéric is a sysadmin turned front-end developer living in Paris and working at Qonto.

  • Spencer Price
    Spencer Price

    Interactive Data Viz can be easy in Ember

    About Spencer Price:

    Spencer is an Engineering Manager for Movable Ink in New York City and has been building applications with Ember, many of which included interactive data visualizations, for over six years. Outside of work, you'll find Spencer blocking people's view at Broadway shows, walking his too-friendly-for-her-own-good dog, and/or drinking delicious bourbon.

  • Kavitha Krishnan
    Kavitha Krishnan

    Intro to User Experience Design for Developers

    About Kavitha Krishnan:

    Kavitha Krishnan is a passionate UX professional who enjoys solving problems, organizing information and designing interactions. Currently, she is a Senior UX Strategist with Mattel, Inc., at Madison, WI after working for companies like EMC Corporation and Dell. She has a masters in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University. She organizes design conferences like Talk UX and Better By Design in Madison, WI. Recently, Kavitha formed a local chapter of Ladies that UX.

  • Kelly Selden
    Kelly Selden

    A Simpler Way to Update Your Apps

    About Kelly Selden:

    Kelly maintains many addons on github. Kelly got really sick of how long the update process took when new versions of ember and ember-cli came out, so he created ember-cli-update.